Rules and Regulation

Who is the 3rd European Saxophone Congress for?

The congress is for everyone who is passionate about the saxophone, all Italian and international saxophonists, who want to participate as performers or listeners:

  • to students of all levels
  • to graduates
  • to teaching professionals
  • to the soloists
  • to chamber groups from the duo to the ensemble
  • to saxophone orchestras
  • to mixed groups in which at least one saxophone is present
  • to middle school students, high schools, conservatories
  • to students of private schools and bands
  • to listeners and participants as listeners



The first step to apply for the Congress requires NO PAYMENT and has to be done from the 2nd January until the 28nd of January 2024 through the online application form.


Registration procedure

All musicians, who wish to participate in the Congress can do so by registering online and accessing the website under the section Applications’.

Only enrolments received telematically using the provided form will be deemed valid.

All the documents required should be uploaded directly from the Congress website  and attached to the completed form.

All under 18s must attach a Parental Consent Form uploaded from the relevant area of the Congress website.  

Application forms and submissions of proposals  must be sent by 28th January, 2024.

All registration fees must be sent by the dates to be confirmed.

N.B.: If you have any problems accessing or using the Congress website, please email  



Documentation required by saxophonists and speakers submitting proposals: 

  • Copy of the front and back of their ID card or passport
  • Passport sized photograph
  • Proposal 
  • A copy of the piano part must be sent in case an accompaining pianist is required
  • A link of any audio/ video material (if available)
  • CV


Types of proposals and duration of performances

Saxophonists can submit proposals as soloists or, as members of musical groups (from duos to orchestras) including mixed instrument ensembles, as long as the group includes at least one saxophonist as a member of the group. Speakers are also welcome to apply. 


Sax solo

Max 20 minutes 

From Duet to Octet (any formation is possible with a sax as a member)

Max 30 minutes 

Sax orchestra

Max 40 minutes 


Max 40 minutes 


Evaluation of proposals and their selection

The proposals presented will be submitted to approval and carefully evaluated by the Congress organisers, who will liaise with and rely on the advice of the Scientific Board.


Selected proposals

After the evaluations of the scientific and organization board the selected proposals will be announced on the Congress website during the last week in March, 2024. Every candidate and group selected will be informed by email and also on the website.


ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS (soloists, groups and conference speakers)

Payment of registration fee

  • receipt of payment of the registration fee of € 110. The payment to be made by 15.04.2024. There is a reduction to € 90.00 for those born after 31.12.2000. This fee is to be considered personal, so in the case of groups the amount refers to each member of the group. For mixed ensembles, which include other instruments besides the saxophone, only saxophonists are required to pay the registration fee. Payment of the registration fee must be made exclusively by bank transfer to "Cross-Border Cultural Association" at Cassa Rurale Val di Sole IBAN: IT62Q0816335000000210111473 BIC: CCRTIT2T43A under ‘reason for payment’ please write: Eurosax2024 Your name and surname
  • Late payment of the registration fee carries a surcharge of € 90.00


Documentation for chamber music groups or ensembles

The contact person of the group can register on behalf of all the members of the group by making a cumulative payment of all the individual registration fees. Personal documentation for each person required for registration can be photocopied and presented by the contact person of the group on arrival at check-in.

Participants under 18 also need to provide a signed photocopy of a parent’s ID card or passport and a completed Parental Consent Form. 


The Lauba Marathon will be held on July 19th 2024 in Trento. We aim to present all of Christian Lauba's compositions for saxophone (etudes, quartets, duets etc). To apply, please register as an active participant and propose the works you would like to present. Every piece will only be played once. Please propose as many works as possible as we would like to present the complete repertoire.

Lauba Marathon registration open from 2nd to 29th February 2024. 



Application forms and payment of registration fee must be sent by 13th May 2024 BY EMAIL to

Whoever wishes to participate as an Auditor must send:

  • Copy of the front and back of their ID card or passport.
  • Passport sized photo.
  • codice fiscale (only for italians)
  • full address 
  • Proof of payment of their registration fee of €80 (to be sent by 13th May 2024).

Registration fees should be paid by bank transfer to: 

“Associazione Culturale Cross-Border”, Cassa Rurale Val di Sole.  

Codice IBAN: IT62Q0816335000000210111473     BIC: CCRTIT2T43A

Under ‘reason for payment’ please write: ‘Eurosax2024" Your name and surname



Activities at the Congress will include:

1) Masterclasses held by famous saxophone professors

2) Workshops in the presence of composers with whom it will be possible to work on their compositions for saxophones. 

The names of the professors, the repertoires and enrolment procedure will be made available on the Congress website from the end of January 2024



During the Congress, an orchestra of young saxophonists aged 12 to 26 from all over Europe will be formed.

The orchestra will perform an official programme at the Congress.

Participants will be selected based on the date of their registration. 

These participants will be requested to be present throughout the Congress.

Registration fee €80.

The participants has to stay in Trento at least from the 18th of July morning until the day of the concert for the rehearsals and the masterclasses.

Applications should be sent by 30 April, 2024 filling the application form online and writing in the gap "topic area of the project" the indication "CALL FOR YOUNG SAXOPHONISTS".

Until the 6th of May you will receive by mail the results, then you can proceed with the payement. 

The Payment of the registration fee has to be done by 12th May 2024 with:


  • Copy of the front and back of their ID card or passport.
  • Passport sized photo.
  • codice fiscale (only for italians)
  • full address 
  • Proof of payment of their registration fee of €80 (to be sent by 13th May 2024).
  • saxophones available




The stay during the Congress period is subject to payment by the participants. 

On the website it is possible to find informations on the hotels and accommodation facilities that have agreements with the Congress by consulting the Conventionson the Contact Us menu, in the Accomodation submenu 



Everyone enrolled for the Congress will have free access to the concerts. 

On arrival, all participants will receive a ‘welcome pack’ containing.