Eurosax 2020

After Spain 2014 and Portugal 2017, Cross-Border Asssociation is pleased to announce that The European Saxophone Congress is being hosted by Italy, in the city of Trento, in 2024.

Yes! Trento is opening its doors to saxophonists and the world of culture thanks to the organisation of a rich calendar of events as masterclasses, conferences, exhibitions and concerts in the city’s most prestigious venues.  

This 6 day Congress will be an excellent occasion to get to know everything about the saxophone. Outstanding international saxophonists, ensembles and saxophone orchestras will be performing on the stages of the city and surrounding area, alternating with young soloists and emerging groups playing the most important classical, modern and contemporary repertoires, not forgetting jazz, ethnic music and all types of everyday music.  

The Congress wish to extend a warm welcome to all the public. Everyone that loves the saxophone; players of all ages and levels; pupils at middle schools as well as students at high schools, universities and conservatories. 

The ‘saxophone’ gets its name from the inventor Adolphe Sax and is historically the last acoustic instrument to be invented. Like the string instruments and the harpsichord, which were the great protagonists of instrumental music in the 17th and 18th centuries, the piano that triumphed in the 1800s; one can confidently say that the saxophone is the instrument that has characterised 20th century music culture more than any other, not only in jazz but also in contemporary music and the repertoires of chamber, symphonic and orchestral music, not forgetting folk and pop music.

Teaching has contributed to the development and diffusion of saxophone practice in the classical field thanks to the national schools, first of all chronologically the French one.

The example given by the great jazz geniuses was a key influence in stimulating thousands of musicians to take an interest in the saxophone. In Italy, the teaching of saxophone has grown exponentially, spreading to all types of schools at all levels, from middle schools to high schools, to conservatories, where teaching positions have grown from 6 in 1970 to over 100 today.

The opportunities for meeting and sharing experiences among saxophonists today represent an essential requirement so that since 1970 the World Congresses and European Congresses have been held in the world. The III European Congress of Saxophone is set in the wake of major international events gathering, in Italy, the prestigious legacy of the Xth World Saxophone Congress which took place in 1992 in Pesaro. This event, organized by the ASI - Italian Saxophonists Association, saw the participation of over 550 saxophonists from 21 countries around the world.


Planned Activities

  • Performances by soloists, chamber groups, ensembles and orchestras.
  • Concerts with a program that includes the main solo concertos for saxophone and symphonic orchestra and for saxophone and wind band.   
  • Masterclasses with great masters.
  • Exhibitions of instruments and musical accessories 
  • Exhibitions of publications, records and accessories.    


The Congress will host prestigious local orchestras such as the Haydn Symphony Orchestra of Trento and Bolzano, the New Project Jazz Orchestra, the Sasso Rosso Choir (popular song), the Chromoson Ensemble. 

The organizers will also promote congress concerts in the partner festivals of the Trento area, also thanks to the collaboration with the APT (Tourism Promotion Company).



  • Promotion of the saxophone in all its aspects
  • Promotion of cultural, musical, interpretative and educational collaboration. 
  • Promotion of the repertoire thanks to the execution of new compositions written for the congress
  • Promotion of educational comparison also through masterclasses and conferences
  • Promotion of research thanks to historical, musicological and pedagogical contributions